Colombia Pension Visa Requirements for 2023 (M-11)

The Colombia Pension Visa or Retirement Visa was created for retired persons receiving income from their own country. This visa is granted for 1 to 3 years at a time. Most persons with a government pension will receive a 3 year visa. You have to renew with original documents before your visa expires. We recommend starting the process a few months ahead of time to allow for last minute suprises, such as changes in visa processes or new visa laws. How do i get the Colombian Retirement VisaYou have to receive 3 times the Colombian minimum salary on amonthly bases to qualify for the retirement / pension visa. $1,160,000 pesos is 2023 minimum salary, so you must receive $3,480,000 pesos per month to qualify for the Colombian pension visa. Thats 740 USD with an exchange rate of 4,700 pesos per dollar. The ministry of foreign relations and consulates do not update the rate they use on a daily or weekly basis. The duration of this visa is one to three years, and after 5 years can be converted to a QUALIFIED COLOMBIAN RESIDENT VISA (AKA PERMANENT VISA).

Colombia pension Visa

It’s very important to remember that the Colombian government only likes to accept official government pension certifications. Letters from private pension plans or savings accounts will be difficult to get approved. Please note that consulates in different locations, and/or countries look at applications differently. Developed countries may be easier “in some cases” to get approvals in when compared to poorer countries.

If you need help processing your retirement or beneficiary visas please contact us, and ask for a consultation directly with James Lindzey. James runs the oldest expat visa office in Colombia, with over 1,000 Colombian visas approved. In Colombia just call +57-604-444-6634, +57-301-337-1881, +57-313-390-7109 or in the USA +1-305-767-2766.

Please feel free to visit our new webpage on the Colombian Retirement Visa requirements for 2023, by clicking here. For information on other visas and also beneficiary visas for your family please check out: Colombia Visas or just give us a call at our USA or Colombian numbers!

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Do you have a Veterans Disability Pension?

For the Colombia Veterans Disability Pension Visa, the Ministry of foreign relations is now requiring the disability ratings letter for the visa. This document must be notarized and apostilled, then translated to Spanish. Certain persons will be required to show ongoing treatment for PTSD and other mental illnesses. It is possible that visa officials deny visas once they see ratings or diagnoses of mental illness. Visa denial could block other visa applications in the future. Please see other popular visa types below.

Our office can guide you through this process but these documents may require you to start in the United States in person.

If you feel that you may have a mental illness diagnosis that may effect your visa application we suggest applying for a student visa or marriage/civil union visa.

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Colombian Legal & Accounting

We have official Apostille and Translation services in Colombia available for visa applications. We can translate from many languages to Spanish. We can walk you through the whole process.

Some countries like Canada do not use apostille, and they must go through a special legalization process.

Our most common retirement visa applicants come from the United States and Canada, but we can assist pension holders from any country.

Your retirement must be certified by a public entity as private entities are usually rejected.


If you have a private entity which is funding your retirement then it may fall under the RENTISTA /ANNUITY visa.


This certificate must be duly legalized by the Colombian Consular or APOSTILLED, whichever applies.

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